Dunkin Donuts Birthday Coffee!

Coffee making challenge!
Coffee making challenge!

This past week I celebrated another birthday.  Another year has passed, and I have many memories, friends, and family to be thankful for….

My lovely daughter, gave me some flavored coffee from Dunkin Donuts as a birthday present.  I don’t drink coffee during the summer, but she knows I like to have a cup or two when the mornings get cooler and our schedules get a little more hectic.  At any rate, a couple of days ago I was hoping for a piping hot cup of caramel coffee and my coffee maker decided to spring a leak!  After cleaning up a HUGE mess I concluded that the coffee maker was not fixable.   🙁

Whatever shall I do! It’s Friday, the second day of school…after dropping off McKenna I needed a cup of coffee to start my day! Too much to do-too little time.  Laundry, dishes, walking the dogs, etc….

So, I found a small tea strainer, placed my now over-sized coffee filter in it, boiled some water and TAADAA!  I have coffee.  🙂

Score! Now I can start my day with a caffeine fueled mind and body!!

“Where there is a will; there is a way.”   Pauline Kael

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