Fit for a little Bit!

So I broke down and got a “Fitbit.”  Thankfully this year I am at least thinking about getting winter weight off before May.  Maybe my chances of actually getting fit prior to summer will be better.  What a lovely device this is!

First, while just going over the ins and outs of the product it seems relatively easy.  Add the app to your phone and start getting fit!  Haha…not so fast.  I think you actually have to move.  Let me just say, I don’t consider myself to be a sedentary person and I feel I am pretty active on a regular basis.  Keeping that in mind, I decided to wear this a week without setting goals, reminders, all those fancy options on the device.  I wanted to see just how active and how many steps I was taking per day, prior to setting goals.

News Flash!  I don’t move nearly as much as I thought.  Bummer!  They, all the fitness experts and the American Heart Association, all recommend taking at least 10,000 steps per day for optimal health.  Do you know how much 10,000 steps actually is????  I have varied step counts from 3,980 to 8,990.  But have yet to hit the target step count.  I suppose I am a lot more sedentary than I originally thought.  Plus, I like to eat.  And cook.  And eat what I cook!

So, it is now February, nearly halfway through February and I have decide to dive into some of the goal making options included on this little “fit” gadget.  I have set my goal for 10,000 steps and even set hourly reminders to supposedly get me up to move!  There are so many options on this thing from step counts, weight tracker, to diet log, to activity tracker, to exercise log….I suppose eventually I will figure it out.

It even has the option to friend others with the same device.  This way you can share your stats with a friend.  Are you kidding?  How embarrassing?  I believe you would have to choose your “friends” wisely to share the ups and downs of your weight and your movement.  Can you imagine?  Log on late in the evening only to find that your “friend” has met all of their goals for the day and they get to see that you’ve gained five pounds and haven’t moved in three days! LOL  I may wait to use this self-torturing option until later, or maybe never.

I suppose when all is said and done, at least I will be mindful of some sort of fitness regime!  I will keep you posted on how it goes…. well if it goes well, I will keep you posted!


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