Hey there! Glad you have come to visit my site.  It’s definitely a work in progress.  The site started over a year ago, then I sort of lost enthusiasm as I became busy with other things, or I just thought I was too busy! I am sure you can relate!  This year I have began to work on this site of mine again, making a little bit of headway.  The purpose for this site, well first and foremost, it is for me.  I love to cook and once upon a time I was a good writer.  So, if nothing else it is a place to share my thoughts, recipes, and any other silly thing that I deem appropriate to write about.  There will be many hiccups along the way as I am not a computer genius and I am not familiar with some of the recipe formatting programs that I have attempted to use.  I also am still in search for better pictures, probably by way of a better camera.  But none the less, if you’ll bear with me, there will be recipes, stories, and pictures to look at here.  In time, I hope to make this a site worthy of everyone’s visit, not just friends and family.  In the end, I believe that this will be something that my children can look back on and be proud.

Cooking.  I love to cook.  I love to cook by myself or with others.  However, as I am sure you have noticed, I am not a professional cook/chef.  I have received no formal training.  As a matter of fact, I remember not too many years ago, I wasn’t that great of a cook at all.  Though different times in my life allowed me to watch, read, and study about cooking and it became something that I am passionate about.  I have always had big dinners and parties with friends and family alike, and been responsible for the food preparation.  So, why not get a little better at it!

I don’t have fancy cooking tools or gadgets.  I really probably only have the very basics compared to some of the lists I have read for what should be in your kitchen.  HaHa….Some of those lists have items on them that I think would have to be imported!  Also, I am terrible at measuring ingredients.  I am notorious for saying, a handful of this and a pinch of that.  I will try to get better at that should any of you decide that you actually want to make one of my recipes. 🙂  Also, over the years I have become a master at looking at empty cabinets/fridge and concocting some meals that were definitely company worthy.  Most of the items that I make will come from a local supermarket, garden, or farmer’s market with a few fancy things thrown in every once in awhile.  I am very good at substituting ingredients, and frequently do so as I live in a very rural community and there are some things that aren’t available.  I also live about 2o minutes from the nearest “small” grocery store and sometimes I don’t feel like running to town for an ingredient.  So, all that being said, everything I cook should be accessible for anyone.  I like that fact and I hope you do too!

However, this site and cooking are not something that I can do all the time.  Although, I am retired from teaching, I continue to have many other responsibilities….just like everyone else.  I have two children.  My son, Rob is 22, and lives away from home with his lovely girlfriend, Laura, but I frequently am a part of their lives…..probably sometimes too much! lol  I also have a 14 yr old daughter at home, McKenna, that at times I feel she may be busier than me.  Albeit, if she is busy…I am probably busy.  I am sure as a reader you will get to know these two, as I will write about them often.  I am close with my mother, Tenna, who doesn’t live far, and even though we hardly ever see eye to eye…she is probably my best friend.  My brother, Shane and his wife Michelle, are a regular part of our family gatherings (despite their hectic schedule) and would be terribly missed if they weren’t.  Bottom line-I am close with my family so they take as much time as I can spare.  Not to say some of the recipes on here will not come from a family gathering, but sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to pause for picture taking when there is warm, delicious goodness, wafting through the air!

Please feel free to send comments or questions.  I will take advice or give answers whenever possible.  I appreciate you taking a look and hope that in the future this is a site you browse occasionally for inspiration, or entertainment!