Bragging Rights…

This is McKenna, my beautiful, smart, and strong, 14 year old daughter.  Yes, I have to brag a little!

She is an all-star.  Over the last couple of years she has played softball and volleyball, and performed very well.  Then came the injuries.  After shoulder surgery, and then knee surgery, and then two years of physical therapy….she is still going strong.  How resilient she is!  By the way, the picture shown is her “Operation” style birthday cake that I made for her 14th birthday.   And now, she is in her freshman year of high school and is an integral part of the freshman cheer squad.

Now, back a million years ago I was a cheerleader.  And, I will contend that during that time it was hard work and provided ample exercise.  However, cheering these days has changed dramatically.  There are stunts. Towers. Dancing. Tumbling. Competitions. And the list goes on.  It is exciting to watch! But, as the mother of a young lady that has already been through two surgeries, sometimes it is hard to take without wincing.

McKenna comes home in the evenings often with bruises and almost always complaining of muscle aches and pains.  But, she keeps going.  Now, I am not the pushy mom that would insist she keep on going if she is hurt-quite the opposite really.  Her determination is admirable.  McKenna keeps cheering, keeps her grades up, and belongs to many clubs at school.

I am so proud of her and her courage to try new things and be a part of nearly everything. Though she is a freshman and that is typically the stage where it’s hard to find your place.  She has embraced many different options, activities, and people; I believe this will assist her later on when she is making bigger life choices.   McKenna talks about college, and is aware of political and world events more than many her age.  Though we don’t always agree on things.  I am proud that at such a young age we can discuss the happenings of the world with ease.

All of this being said, she is 14, and I am her mother.  That relationship gets strained to the brink all of the time!  We fight, and argue, and disagree about everything from bed times to who should be President.  However, she is certainly my girl and might even get some of that stubbornness from me.  I love her dearly and cannot wait to see her later on in life: what adventures she will have.

Not a food blog.  But, my website, my rules!

Love you always McKenna!

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