Like all things new..

I wanted to take a second to write an explanation of this current venture.  I have yet to do a biography for this page, simply because I don’t know where to begin or end for that matter.  However, you should know some of the things about my cooking in case in isn’t completely clear here.  This blogging/website thing is new for me.

First, as I am sure you have noticed, this site actually started over a year ago I believe.  I made a few entries and then guess what, life took over.  I hope to do better this go around.

Back to food, cooking, kitchen…  I am a self-taught cook.  I have never worked in a kitchen, nor have a had any formal training.  So, I am bound to make a few faux pas with regard to tools, terminology, and methods if looked upon with a trained eye.  But, I enjoy cooking and eating, and over the years I have found that there are a great many others that enjoy my food.

As a home cook that lives in a rural area with a limited budget, I rarely use ingredients that cannot be found in your local supermarket.  Occasionally, I may seek out specialty items for a new recipe that I want to try…but probably wouldn’t prepare on a regular basis.

I am using a plain laptop and often use my phone for pictures, which does not have the best camera.  This is something that I am looking to remedy, however, these things take time.  I do have a few nice pieces of cookware and a couple of fancy kitchen gadgets, but nothing too fancy.  So again, almost anyone can make these recipes.

The hardest part for me with writing recipes is that I am almost completely opposed to measuring.  This is why I don’t often bake.  My mother is the baker in the family, but that is a totally different topic. lol  Needless to say over time I have gotten very good at estimating ingredients and adding things to taste.  This works great for me, but might be a little hard to follow a recipe that says a handful of this and a pinch of that.  So I am working on measuring for recipe writing purposes.  That being said, I think everyone should take a recipe and make it their own by adding whichever ingredients suit them best.

Goal setting.  I hope to post recipes, blogs, etc. on a more regular basis.  Though sometimes it is tough as even though I like to cook-I actually don’t cook all the time, for various reasons.  My goal is a couple of posts a week.  We will see how that goes..

Back to another goal, programming an activity tracker and getting off my rear!


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